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Israeli Data Protection Regulations v. GDPR​

srael is a vibrant and advanced hub for technology and innovation. With strong business connections across the US, EU and the East, Israel has developed its own set of laws and regulations to support a unique global position.

As a pioneer in the data protection realm, Israel was one of the first countries to enact a privacy omnibus law, in 1981, soon after the OECD principles were published. Gradually, Israel has created a regulatory framework, encompassing multiple laws, regulations, caselaw and regulator’s guidelines, which has won the adequacy recognition of the EU Commission in 2011.

With a dominant emphasis on cyber security, but with no GDPR-equivalent updates to data protection obligations, Israel has taken its own path in privacy protection.

We will discuss the top reasons to get acquainted with Israeli privacy laws, highlight recent developments, compare key features to the GDPR, talk about the impact of Covid19 and share thoughts and ideas.

What you will take from this talk:

1. A good understanding of the legislative and regulatory framework of privacy laws in Israel.

2. Knowledge about key privacy aspects that a company needs to know when doing business in Israel.

3. The risks and potential mitigation steps that need to be considered.

We are proud and happy to attend OneTrust DataGuidance  webinar about Isreali Data Protection Regulation.

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