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Bulding Blocks For Global Data Protection Compliance Strategy

Each year, on January 28, the world focuses on the most valuable asset for companies and individuals alike.
As we are entering 2021 and while still facing the pandemic, data protection challenges are evolving and requiring special care.

Among these challenges –

  • Reform in cross-border data transfers;
  • MORE privacy legislation; MORE guidelines;
  • Bills introduce the concepts of data fiduciaries and data intermediaries;
  • AI-driven cyber-attacks are on the rise;
  • Countries plan to prohibit ransomware payments;
  • Workspace monitoring and screening;
  • The rise of the data portability right;
  • MORE fines; MORE class actions. 

Find out how to create or improve your global data protection strategy, in a video that we have prepared with OneTrust

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Wishing you a meaningful Data Protection Day!
The Or-Hof Team
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