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Accessibility declaration

Or-Hof Law firm allocates and invests utmost efforts to provide all its clients with equal, respectable, accessible, and professional services. Under the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities Regulations (Accessibility Adjustments for Service), 2013, we invested a lot of effort and resources in making the site accessible to enable a person with a disability to independently and equally receive the services provided to the general public.

Accessibility on the site

  • The site meets the recommendations of the Israeli Standard (ISR 5568) for Web Content Accessibility at AA level, and the international WCAG2.0 standard.
  • Navigation in the site is clear simple.
  • Content is written clearly and simple to be perceivable. If necessary, there are explanations alongside the content.
  • The site adjusted for display in popular browsers and for use on mobile phones.
  • The site supports the standard operation patterns using a keyboard, with the arrows, Enter and Esc-for exiting menus and windows.
  • The site is viewable on multiple screens and resolutions.
  • Pages have a fixed and stable structure.
  • Graphic elements have a textual alternative (alt).
  • The site’s font sizes can be changed by using Ctrl and the mouse wheel.
  • The site does not use moving or blinking text.

We have made an effort to make all pages accessible and are committed to making the site equally and fully accessible to all users. However, some pages may still not be fully accessible.

Please let us know if you have come across any accessibility-related problems by emailing our accessibility expert at [email protected] . We will do our best to make the site accessible and respond as fast as possible.