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Data Protection, Privacy & Cybersecurity

Data protection and  Privacy Law are among the most challenging, dynamic, and rapidly growing fields. Personal data compliance and adequate corporate governance have become a true necessity in today’s business environment.

We provide our clients with the personal attention they deserve in order to gain deep understanding of their business needs and provide the best quality service in regards to privacy and data protection compliance programs and legal guidance to clients of all sizes and of all sectors.

 Among our clients are a credit card issuer, a provider of professional ethics and personnel integrity assessment solutions, an online information protection service, a provider of psychological assessment solutions, a health services provider, and a predictive analytics platform.

Our Services

Compliance Programs – a two-stage compliance program for corporations:

implementation stage – constructing a customized work plan and generating the necessary deliverables, among them processes, policies, agreements and practices.

 Ongoing Consulting – guiding corporations through statutory and regulatory requirements, and deploying privacy industry standards and best practices. Conducting PIAs for specific projects, and handling trans-border data flow procedures, such as the EU-US Safe Harbor program and the Israeli Transfer of Data Abroad privacy regulations.

Crisis Management – leading privacy data breach incident management and handling responses to enforcement and inspection activities by the Israeli data protection authority.

Self-Certification – assisting corporations with adherence to voluntary regulation and privacy programs, including TRUSTe, COPPA and BBB Online.

Our Expertise

Attorney Dan Or-Hof directs the data protection and privacy practice of the firm. Dan is a leading privacy and data protection practitioner in Israel, with two decades of experience in Israel.

Dan is a Certified Information Privacy Professional, a member of the International Association for Privacy Professionals, a member of the Public Council for the Protection of Privacy, and a university lecturer on data protection and privacy.

The International Association of Privacy Professionals

Data Protection & Privacy Pros Forum

The modern data protection practice requires a deep understanding of privacy regulation and cybersecurity. Rapid technological changes and major reforms require corporations to invest in protecting their personal data assets.

The IAPP is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource. One of the IAPP activities (among many) is the knowledgeNet chapters – local activities.

Or-Hof Technology & IP law proud to manage and promote The Israeli KnowledgeNet Chapter and to enhance the data protection and privacy activities in Israel.

Our Privacy Professional Forum with collaboration with  IAPP KnowledgeNet includes selected data protection leaders, from leading companies and organizations. We are meeting once a quarter to explore and discuss privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity issues.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further information.