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IAPP Leadership Retreat

Cut Through the Regulatory Noise: IAPP Leadership Retreat

Regulation fatigue? You’re not alone. Our recent participation in the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Leadership Retreat 2024 highlighted a growing challenge: overlapping and conflicting regulations for digital services.

The Problem: Imagine navigating a maze of regulations, each with its own requirements and interpretations. This is the reality for many businesses, especially those in the digital space. Privacy, competition, communications, and financial services regulations can create confusion and stifle innovation.

The Discussion: Industry leaders at the retreat tackled these critical questions:

  • Can regulators from different sectors work together?
  • Is a one-stop-shop regulator the answer?
  • Do we need a central harmonizing body?

We, along with many others, urge governments to find solutions that:

  • Reduce regulatory burdens without compromising consumer protection.
  • Encourage cooperation between different regulatory bodies.
  • Foster innovation by creating a clear and predictable regulatory landscape.

A Big Thank You: Our deepest appreciation to IAPP for hosting a thought-provoking event. Special thanks to Travis LeBlanc for leading the discussion on Regulation #entropy, and to Kate Jones and Commissioner Philippe Dufresne for sharing their insights on cooperation forums.

The Strand Alliance Community Thrives: We were delighted to connect with fellow Strand Alliance members Rocco Panetta and Kate Colleary, as well as make new connections within the industry.

The IAPP Leadership Retreat left us energized and optimistic about the future of digital regulation. We’ll continue to advocate for solutions that promote innovation and responsible business practices.

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