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Protection of Privacy Act

Nymity Interview – Israeli Government Proposed Protection of Privacy Act

The Israeli Government has proposed an amendment to the Protection of Privacy Act, aimed at enhancing the supervision and enforcement powers under Israeli law. The Israeli Bill Enhances DPA’s Powers – The Bill, if passed, will enable the DPA to impose fines of up to USD 1.5 million for violations of the law (including violations of the breach notification requirement), and reach a resolution with a violator to commit to no future violations; heavier fines will be imposed for violations involving sensitive data (the definition of which is expanded to include biometric, behavioural, communications and genetic data).

 The Bill: aims to enhance supervision and enforcement powers in relation to the Protection of Privacy Act (“PPA”) under Israeli law.

Dan Or-Hof describes the draft bill and how it will be in accordance with the GDPR.

Dan owns and heads the Or-Hof Tech & IP law firm. He is admitted to practice law in Israel and New-York, provides legal

and regulatory services, and serves as a legal strategic advisor for technology and media ventures and corporations

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Nymity Interview with Dan Or-Hof, Or-Hof Law about Israeli Government Proposed Protection of Privacy Act (Amendment No. 13), 5768-2018

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