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Technology Law

In a rapidly changing world, technology is a driving force and the core activity for companies who develop infrastructure, networks, solutions, devices, and applications.

Our firm offers wide-ranging skills to help our clients overcome technological challenges and meet their business goals.

We provide strategic technology law legal advice and ongoing legal services to enable our clients to:

→ Commercialize technology, including the transfer of IP and materials, licensing, joint ventures and consortium engagements.

→ Meet regulatory challenges, including data protection governance, open source compliance programs and self-regulatory programs for the online advertising industry.

→ Produce IP strategy, prosecution, and enforcement, including trademark registration, copyright enforcement and patent prosecution (in collaboration with patent attorneys).

Among our clients are a startup company aimed to provide optical connectivity for the next generation of chipsets, an aerospace organization endeavoring to land the first Israeli spacecraft on the moon, a developer of advanced military computer systems, and a developer of a multi-epitope cancer vaccine.

We have the ability and experience to provide you with quality service, through a deep understanding of your business strategy and needs, and the highest motivation to produce results.