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The New Israel Privacy Protection Guidelines – Practical Aspects

This year, and the years to come, will be very interesting for data protection and privacy pros.

“The Information Security Regulations” published by the Ministry of Justice and the upcoming EU GDPR represent sweeping changes and new obligations on global organizations and their handling of personal data.

The evolution of Israeli privacy regulation is well connected to the current global data protection turmoil.

As data-driven and web-based services constitute a large portion of the Israeli Hi-Tech industry, preparations for both the GDPR and the new Information Security Regulations are key to their ability to continue their local and international activities.

The Protection of Privacy Authority has become increasingly active this year and we expect to see more guidelines and enforcement activities, backed by an effort by the Ministry of Justice to push forward a bill which will increase dramatically the Authority’s enforcement powers, including the ability to impose millions of Shekels in fines.

The Data Protection and Privacy Pros Forum invite you to join our next exciting meeting of the IAPP-Knowledgenet TLV: The New Israel Privacy Protection Guidelines – Practical Aspects, at Cyber Week 2018.

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Welcome Reception


IAPP – KnowledgeNet TLV – Welcome note


Boots on the ground- Actual implementation challenges

Pini Azaria, Adv. – Pini Azaria Law Offices


We comply but are we secured? What’s missing in the regulation

Dan Or-Hof, Adv. – Or-Hof Technology and IP law


Networking Break


The Privacy Protection Authority Roundtable Panel

Adv. Lavi Ovnat, Director of the Enforcement Department – Israeli Privacy Protection Authority

Adv. Nir Gerson, Deputy Head – Israeli Privacy Protection Authority

The IAPP is the largest and most comprehensive global information privacy community and resource. One of the IAPP activities (among many) is the knowledgeNet chapters – local activities.

Or-Hof Technology & IP law proud to manage and promote The Israeli KnowledgeNet Chapter and to enhance the data protection and privacy activities in Israel.

About our  Data Protection and Privacy Pros Forum:

Our IAPP KnowledgeNet chapter includes selected data protection leaders (about 70 people) from leading companies and organizations .We are meeting once a quarter to explore and discuss privacy, data protection and cyber security issues.

Last year we launched the TLV Chapter  in the Cyberweek and we are proud and exciting to be part of this marvels Cyber week this year again.

Our Round table event with the Israeli privacy protection  authority about The New Israel Privacy Protection Guidelines will be mostly in Hebrew.

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