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A turning point for privacy laws in Israel

Israel is an important technology hub. It is home for hundreds of large, multinational tech corporations operating substantial local research and development, sales, and management activities, alongside a vibrant start-up community.

Israel is also a jurisdiction worth monitoring from a data protection perspective, as 2022 will likely be a turning point for privacy laws in Israel.

On Jan. 5, 2022, the Israeli government introduced a substantial amendment to the Protection of Privacy Law. When enacted, it will be the largest and most comprehensive update since 1996, when updated data processing provisions were incorporated into the law. The amendment will increase administrative and criminal risks substantially, reduce the outdated database registration obligation and update definitions.

Companies that do business in Israel should focus their compliance efforts first and foremost on cybersecurity measures and procedures in compliance with the 2017 data security regulations, on providing proper disclosures and on securing informed consent to the processing of personal data.

In our IAPP Privacy Advisor, we analyze the bill’s main provisions and provide our thoughts about them. Please read more at —- >