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Generative Ai Summit 4.7.23

5 practical steps for a responsible corporate use of #generativeai tools.
Please meet me at the AI Data Science Summit and download our responsible use guide (links below).

We already see it happening through extensive work with multiple companies who use Generative AI tools on a day to day basis.

These tools offer numerous advantages by saving time to R&D, perfecting marketing material and reducing search time for teams across the company.

Nevertheless, as these tools face multiple class actions and regulatory probes, and new AI legislation lies ahead, there are risks to consider. IP, false facts, bias and confidentiality, to name a few.

To address these challenges, it is crucial for a corporate entity to establish an AI framework that not only evaluates the actual use of generative AI tools, but also offers workable solutions.
Our existing experience shows a diversity of use, and accordingly the practical solutions to reduce risks vary as well.

Yet, guidance, awareness and control are always must-haves of every such framework.
Let’s talk about it and take action.

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