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The Israeli Privacy Protection Authority demands hosting services and other data-related services information to demonstrate compliance during the current state of emergency.

The PPA’s inquiry activities require companies to provide any related information or documents detailing the current level of information security measures. The PPA will order companies to perform certain actions to improve their level of information security.

On December 3, 2023, the Israeli Privacy Protection Authority published its supervision activities on hosting and other data-related services. The supervision campaign focuses on compliance with the Protection of Privacy Regulations (Data Security), 5777-2017, during the current state of emergency. 

The PPA’s inquiry activities follow a substantial increase in cyberattacks on Israeli targets in the midst of the ‘Iron Swords’ war, including hosting and other data related services. 

The main requirements of the PPA’s inquiry activities include: 

  • Provision of all related information and documents detailing the current level of information security measures; 
  • Adherence with the PPA’s instructions to improve the level of information security. 

The PPA’s inquiry activities follow measures taken by Israeli cyber security governmental agencies. On November 27, 2023, the Israeli Government enacted new cyber security emergency regulations requiring mandatory cooperation of suppliers of digital, IT, cloud, or other data-related services.  

The main requirements of these regulations are applicable to regulated suppliers include obligations to report severe cyberattacks to governmental agencies, cooperate with such agencies, and documentation requirements. 

Israeli Companies that have implemented information security standards in accordance with NIST 800-53 (Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations) are in better posture regarding these regulations and the PPA’s inquiry activities. 

Hosting and digital services should assess their exposure under the current the Israeli PPA’s inquiry activities and the new emergency regulations. 

Further details about the new emergency regulation are on our website

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the Israeli PPA’s inquiry activities, the new emergency regulations, and their practical implications. 

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