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New IDPF Event Legal and Privacy Empowering Knowledge & Implications Tools

Recent Developments In The US Privacy Law

Join us for 1-hour talk about the new federal bill, CPRA, and other recent developments

Understanding the patchwork of US data privacy laws

Review the comprehensive Privacy Laws passed by US States

 Learn how to navigate the details of US Privacy Law

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The IDPF is a forum of the Israelis crème de la crème privacy professionals, including legal counsels, DPOs, CPOs, cyber experts, compliance officers, privacy researchers and cryptographs.

The purpose of the Forum is to meet and discuss compliance challenges, risk management, and information management, alongside legal and technological developments.

In our view, the interface between technological knowledge, corporate governance, and legal and regulatory knowledge is the key to proper operation and regulation.

If you are a privacy geek, we invite you to join selected data protection leaders to take part in a professional forum with fellow practitioners. Together we dig deep into practice, explore worldwide regulation challenges, materialize the Privacy-by-Design concept, manage data breaches efficiently and more.