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The CPRA Guide for Israeli Companies

In January 2023, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) will take effect, and companies need to start preparing today.
To make it easier for Israeli companies whose activities are expected to be included in the scope of the CPRA, we have prepared a guide in Hebrew that will facilitate the required assessments.
The purpose of the guide is to inform Israeli companies about the changes created by the CPRA compared to the CCPA.

There is a significant difference between the provisions of the two laws, particularly in the following areas:
• The CPRA enhances consumer rights and business obligations.
• Special instructions have been added for sharing personal information for the purpose of targeted advertising and the use of sensitive personal information.
• Agreements with service providers received clearer content.
• The establishment of the Authority for the Protection of Privacy and its enforcement powers are fundamental changes in risk management associated with the law.
• Causes of action under the CPRA are broader.
• The CPRA’s regulations will cover significantly broader topics than the CCPA’s.
Companies that have implemented policies and procedures under the GDPR or CCPA are not immune from the CPRA requirements and will need to map the gaps.

We have invested efforts in preparing this guide to make the law accessible to Israeli companies.

Please visit Legislation> CPRA He Guide to download the guide.

CPRA בעברית