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What are the GOOD things that these times have brought?

We are facing challenging times. We are in this together and will overcome them together.
Challenging times also introduce opportunities. Our TOP 10 good things that the situation has brought us are listed below, with hope that they will help you pave your own special way.

1. It’s time for innovation, to come up with new ideas and develop good solutions.
2. Trust, support and sympathy take a major role in our communications.
3. The privacy practice has never been more important. My fellow practitioners – we have a duty to guide and protect.
4. Team effort works, even when working remotely.
5. Seeing ordinary challenges in the right perspective, makes it better to cope with them.
6. Sharing the same global challenge, makes better chances for peace.
7. Our heroes are the medical teams.
8. There is more family time, our core energy.
9. The air is cleaner.
10. Wildlife is more protected.

Stay safe and make the best of it.

Dan & the team

Wishing you Happy Holidays and, may the spring bring you health, happiness, and great ideas.

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Please note that as of Wednesday April 8 through Friday, April 17, we will be formally off for the Passover holiday.

However, if you need our assistance, please contact Dan Directly, anytime, at: 1(415) 906-5260; 972-54-6649498; [email protected] .