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What Are the Key Terms Under the Law?

Below is a list of key terms with their respective definitions under the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981.

“Consent” – means informed, express or implied consent.

“Use” – includes disclosure, transfer, and delivery.

“Data” – means any data relating to a natural person’s personality, personal status, intimate affairs, state of health, economic position, vocational qualifications, opinions, and beliefs of a person.

“Database” – means a collection of data intended for computer processing.

“Database Owner” – means a natural or legal person which owns the Database.

“Database Holder” – means a natural or legal person who has a database in his possession regularly and is permitted to use it.

“Database Manager“ – means a senior employee of an entity that either owns or holds a database, or a person authorized by the database owner or holder to manage the database, responsible for the management and security of the database.

“The Registrar“ – means the appointed regulator responsible for the register of databases (today, a part of the Privacy Protection Authority).