A Conversation With IAPP Vanguard Award Winners 2022

A Conversation With IAPP Vanguard Award Winners

Tune in next Wednesday, April 20, for a Conversation With IAPP Vanguard Award winners 2022 on Linkedin Live. Moderator: J. Trevor Hughes, President and CEO, IAPP Only a select few reach the pinnacle of their profession. The IAPP Vanguard Award recognizes IAPP members each year who have scaled new heights in leadership, knowledge and creativity […]

Global Privacy Vanguard Awards for 2022

privacy proffesional

We are delighted to announce that Dan Or-Hof won the IAPP Privacy Vanguard Awards for 2022. The IAPP Vanguard Awards honor privacy professionals for pioneering work and for helping to shape the future of privacy and data protection. Only a select few reach the pinnacle of their profession. The IAPP Vanguard Awards recognize one IAPP member from […]

DataGuidance: Forthcoming changes to the Israeli privacy landscape in 2022

Israel Data Protection

The Israeli Protection of Privacy Authority has recently published finalized guidelines on the DPO roles and responsibilities. The interplay between the new guidelines and three new bills to amend the law is at the core of my attached analysis. Please review our review on Onetrust -Data Guidance

Chambers and Partners ranked Dan Or-Hof as first leading individual lawyer

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IT & Data Protection in Israel Legal Rankings Congratulations Dan Or-Hof for Being ranked as Band 1 IT law and Data Protection on Chambers & Partners! ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป It is a great opportunity to thank our inspiring clients and our amazing team here at Or-Hof Law Firm, This recognition has a true meaning because of you!We will […]

Space Hummus

A vision of growing superfoods in space is becoming a reality. Our firm is proud to be part of an extraordinary and innovative project- Growing chickpeas in space. Exactly 28 chickpeas were launched to the International Space Station on Saturday as part of an Israeli-led experiment on the viability of growing legumes in space. Sounds […]

Data Protection and Privacy in the UAE Landscape

The IDPF is honored to host Mr. Said Madar -The Head of Operations at The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner, Abu Dhabi Global Marke to Overview the UAE legal frameworks and how Data Protection and Privacy fits into the UAE landscape Please Visit The IDPF to learn more

A turning point for privacy laws in Israel

Israel is an important technology hub. It is home for hundreds of large, multinational tech corporations operating substantial local research and development, sales, and management activities, alongside a vibrant start-up community. Israel is also a jurisdiction worth monitoring from a data protection perspective, as 2022 will likely be a turning point for privacy laws in Israel. On Jan. 5, […]

IAPP – 2022 Global Data Protection – Legislative Predictions – Israel

Isreal Data Protection Law

2022 is likely to be a hot year as the privacy laws around the world seem. While many countries agree data privacy is an important issue to regulate, some countries are seeing the greatest obstacle resides in how best to regulate it. Because data is a core asset in many tech ventures, Israel is also […]

IDPF Event – Israeli Privacy Regulation โ€“ Predictions for 2022

Privacy Israel

Is 2022 will be the turning point for Privacy Laws in Israel? Israel is on the verge of dramatic changes in privacy regulations, with forthcoming amendments to the law, more enforcement and class actions, and an active regulator with a new head We have gathered the top Israeli privacy practitioners to talk about whatโ€™s coming […]